The somehow different tour in and around New York

About me

Hello guys. I´m glad you found your way to this.
My name is Dieter und I have been loved traveling around the world and into nature
for my whole life. In the last ten years especially the U.S. and the mega city New York spread
over my travel calendar. Meanwhile I am spending several months per year in N.Y.

That´s probably because of the many dear friends I got to know and to love there.
They have also shown me how to  feel at home, how to find the most beautiful places
and most important how to get along with less money and on a much more
exciting way. Or even so to risk a different view and perspective.

I´d like to get all this across to other New York travelers so they can also profit from it.
Whether in english or in german - in smaller or bigger groups - I look very forward
to guide and encounter you a little stage of your journey in and around New York.
If your planning to go further into the U.S., I can probably give you a few
helpful tips and advices and adresses too.

Just contact me non-bindingly. I´ll certainly not bite you - even not digitally :-)

Every adventure begins with a first step ...
you only have to do it.

Cheers Dieter