The somehow different tour in and around New York

Warm welcome!

NYC is a city that has to be on every bucket list.

Unfortunately most things there are pretty expensivie ... and overcrowded.
I´d like to show this fascinating city how I see, it, feel it and experience it to all visitors of the world.
Therefor you don´t need to pay bold tickets or taxis, nor too pricey sightseeing tours or dive into mass tourism.
The enthusiasm and excitement about this citiy can be raised without all those things.
Luckily the great attractions are standing around in the public anyway. :-)
And even the districts which are not named Manhatten or the surrounding areas are beautiful and most worthy to be seen. 

Who really wants to discover New York, is absolutely right here. Let´s go ... 

My offers

Whether city, fringe area or nature around New York  -
I´ll show you, what you like to see in an unconventional way.
We  define your wishes together and compose an individual tour,
which will surely delight you.

About me

New York - the city that never sleeps - has become some kind of
second home to me in these last years.

Here I  found a lot for myself to experience, discover, appreciate and love.
For example how you can undergo wonderful adventures 
and  explore beautiful places for little money.